About Us

From one car enthusiast to another
Being the best place for those searching for cars in Melbourne, we bring you an extensive collection of imported cars and deliver a premium experience that checks all your requirements. As car enthusiasts ourselves, we know the passion you have for your ride. So, we are equipped, not only with experience and knowledge but with an undeniable passion for cars, to direct you to the ideal car for you.

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Why Choose Us

17+ Years of Industry Experience

Having excelled in the automobile industry offering premium cars in Melbourne for 17+ years, Import Revolution got the right skills, experience, and expertise to help you find the perfect car.

Wide Range of Automobiles

We offer a great assortment of automobiles, such as luxury people movers, Imported sports cars, performance cars, and mobility vehicles.

Registered Automotive Workshops

We are a Registered Automotive Workshop under the RAW Scheme, which allows us to offer you a wide selection of Specialist and Enthusiast Cars (SEVs), imported to Australia.

ISO 9001 Accredited

We are ISO 9001 Accredited allowing us to bring you the most premium Register-approved SEVs, widening the options for cars in Melbourne that car enthusiasts would love.

ADR Compliance

Licensed to uphold and issue compliance to vehicles, in accordance with the Australian Design Rules (ADR), we offer the highest standards in services, covering safety, anti-theft and emissions.

Genuine Kilometres

Our cars come with 100% genuine kilometres.

Finance Support

We work with you for fast finance approvals and provide competitive interest rates and loans, so you will never be limited in the pursuit of your goal of owning a vehicle.

Aus-wide Integrity Warranty Plan

We ensure you are protected with our Aus-wide Integrity Warranty Plan, subjected to terms and conditions.

RACV Roadside Assistance

Your safety and your car’s condition are our priority. So, we provide you with RACV Roadside Assistance, subject to terms and conditions.