We are not only the best car dealer in Australia but one of the most trusted service providers specialising in Imported vehicles. From one car enthusiast to another, we provide services that would help keep the passion for cars ablaze. Furthermore, we offer services to all those who need a ride, even temporarily, ensuring the comfort and the convenience of a luxury vehicle, and even wheelchair-accessible vehicles are within their reach.

RAWS Compliance

Are you hoping to import a SEV or an imported Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) vehicle? It is crucial to have your paperwork filed accurately and strictly before you take the vehicle for a spin. As a Registered Automobile Workshop, we will help you get RAW Compliance for your imported Specialist or Enthusiast Vehicle or the JDM vehicle.

We also make sure that all imported vehicle comply with the Australian Design Rules (ADR), lifting the weight off your shoulders and paving the way for a stress-free ride.
Our 17+ years of experience and the specially trained team supported by the latest tools and equipment allow us to offer compliance to your vehicles faster and better!

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Service Centre

Finding a trustworthy service provider for your Japanese Imported Car can be hectic. Fortunately, we specialise in offering a range of services to Japanese Imported Cars that we know could put your mind at ease. With 17+ years of experience doing what we do and loving automobiles as much as you do, we got the necessary equipment, tools, skills and a passionate team to help you resolve all your vehicle issues without emptying your wallet.

We proudly guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, which we can deliver because of our vast knowledge in the industry. So, next time you want your vehicle serviced, head to our service centre and experience the best repair and modification services and some friendly car banter from one car enthusiast to another.

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